Hunger and Thirst


Being hungry isn’t fun, especially when something wants to eat you. You’re going to need your strength in order to survive during the apocalypse, so here’s how things work (more or less).

Losing Hunger Points

Everyone has a Hunger Point total (as detailed in Step 1: Character Creation). This total has points depleted from it each time you complete an activity (such as running), or at points throughout the day. For small things, you roll a d2 die and subtract the total from your hunger points. For more strenuous activities you’ll roll larger dice (up to the GM to determine what they are, but they shouldn’t be too high). Be careful if your hunger points reach zero: you’ll start losing energy points (and possibly health)!

Gaining Hunger Points

It’s simple: if you want your Hunger Points at max, then you have to eat! A small snack (a bag of chips, a candy bar) restores a d2 worth of hunger; a full on meal can heal up to a d6. You can’t raise your Hunger Points higher than your total allotted during character creation.


Water is essential to all living things, and you’re gonna need it if you want to live. Thirst works a lot like Hunger, with a few differences:

Losing Thirst Points

Your thirst points can decrease by doing anything that makes you sweat (including sitting out in the hot sun). It’s simple; the more you exercise and sweat, the more points you lose. If your Thirst Points reach zero, then points will begin to subtract from your health, so be careful and hydrate!

Gaining Thirst Points

It’s fairly easy to hydrate yourself; you just gotta drink water! A glass of water will replenish a d4 worth of Thirst, with variations based on what you drink.

Hunger and Thirst

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