Chiappa 1887 t-series shotgun

Chiappa sawed-off lever action shotgun

weapon (ranged)

Shotgun, lever action
Caliber: 12 gauge
Damage: d10 Wound
Range: 40 ft
Ammo: 5+2
Weight: 7.9 lbs


“It was the summer of 1991 when the eagerly anticipated movie “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” hit the big screen. A memorable scene in this iconic sci-fi thriller is the motorcycle versus 18 wheeler chase through a series of concrete drainage canals. The young John Connor, future savior of mankind, flees from the villainous T-1000 on his dirt bike. The heroic T-101 cyborg, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, arrives clad in black leather astride a Harley Davidson motorcycle just in time to save the day. Oozing an attitude of pure cool, the T-101 draws a pistol-grip 1887 Winchester lever-action shotgun that he cocks and fires single-handed from the moving Harley. You’ve got to love Hollywood.

More than 20 years later, this series of movies still has plenty of fans. Not only that, but more shooters than ever are engaging in organized role-play shooting events with clothes and firearms inspired by movies, TV shows and video games. Cowboy action shooting events held by the Single Action Shooting Society have the B-Western division, inspired by the cowboy movies of the 1930s and 40s, along with a Wild Bunch division inspired by the movie of the same name. A more recent trend among shooting clubs is setting up Zombie Shoots, which take their cues from movies like George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead (1968),” “28 Days Later” and “ZombieLand.”

In this Hollywood-enriched shooting market, it only seems logical that some gun manufacturers would strive to fill the niche for movie-style guns. The Italian gun manufacturer Chiappa Firearms already has a fan base among SASS shooters who use its 1887 lever-action shotguns in competition. This year, the company has reached out to sci-fi and zombie movie fans by adding the “Terminator 2” inspired T-Model to its lineup, which will be available exclusively through Taylor’s & Co., Inc.

Using the same proven action as the full-size 1887 lever shotgun, the T-Model features an 18.5-inch cylinder bore barrel with a gold bead front sight, and it’s been drilled and tapped for mounting a sight rail. The shoulder stock has been replaced with a rounded pistol grip, which is sometimes called a birdshead or chicken head grip. The gun has a matte-black, oxide finish and is available with either oiled hardwood or black “Soft Touch” rubber coated furniture.

The shape and balance of the T-Model gives the impression that it’s a sawed-off shotgun. Some who handled it during testing asked if it’s a National Firearms Act (NFA) regulated firearm, which states that a shotgun must have a minimum barrel length of 18-inches and an overall length of 26-inches in order to be sold over-the-counter (without the NFA tax stamp) in the United States. The T-Model’s 18.5-inch barrel and overall length of 27.5 inches places it safely within the size requirements, so it can be sold off-the-rack along with the rest of the pistol-grip shotguns provided by licensed dealers."

Chiappa 1887 t-series shotgun

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